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100_7592small.jpgThe Great Falls and Gorge6 viewsA view from the NP viewing area near the old power plantEd Hodgson
100_7601small.jpgAn Overview5 viewsA view from near the falls over the old overgrown part of the industrial area. I did not have photos of the restored and active areas in this set of photos.Ed Hodgson
100_7604small.jpgThe Great Falls5 viewsView of the falls from a foot bridge over the chasmEd Hodgson
100_7613small.jpgAbandoned factory6 viewsEd Hodgson
100_7615small.jpgAbandoned Factory6 viewsOne of a number of abandoned and burned out factories in an area below the falls that has not been restored. This area also contains the remains of an extensive 18th & 19th century water power distribution system.Ed Hodgson
100_7672small.jpgAbandoned Factory6 viewsEd Hodgson
abovemorainelk.jpgAbove Moraine Lake8 viewsI found the mountain peaks and glaciers above Moraine Lake particularly impressive and took this detail shot looking up one of the high canyons across the lake to try and capture what I was seeing.Ed Hodgson
accomplished.jpgMission Accomplished11 viewsThe little beaver dam I have been watching evolve through the winter was complete and about 18 inches high yesterday afternoon. It can go about a foot higher in its current location without growing a whole lot more in width, so I kind of expect more work on it in the days ahead.2 commentsEd Hodgson
Alaskaglacier.jpgAlaskan Glacier7 viewsFlying south from Juneau we were treated to this great view of a glacier marked by spectacular medial moraines2 commentsEd Hodgson
ALittleNightMusic.jpgA Little Night Music at the Palau Nacionale14 viewsA chance encounter during an evening walk. There were a number of people listening on the steps above, but I preferred the image this way.Ed Hodgson
AlpineGarden.jpgAlpine Garden at Logan Pass10 viewsOn the walk from Logan pass up to the Hidden Lake Overlook, the alpine wildflowers were gorgeous even though it was the end of August. These were nicely set off by the waterfalls in the background and the little stream they fed.2 commentsEd Hodgson
altynpeak.jpgAltyn Peak7 viewsIn the opposite direction from the grand view over the lake at Many Glacier, this fine view of carved cliffs stretching away to the east commands attention as well.Ed Hodgson
AmericanDream.jpgAmerican Dream5 viewsHere's another old timer I found in an appealing setting during our cruise night field trip2 commentsEd Hodgson
anotherstory.jpgAnother story in the snow11 viewsThe other day, I found the marsh along the rail trail cold and still with a heavy cover of snow, but i did find this trace winding across the frozen marsh. I couldn't see the end of this story and the plot looks twisted. Good food for the imagination, I think.2 commentsEd Hodgson
appleblossoms.jpgApple Blossom Time5 viewsThere is a little apple tree near one end of the beaver dam that blooms beautifully in early spring each year. This year I tried to get a few photos that put the bloom in context. Here's one I kind of like.Ed Hodgson
arizonacloverleaf.jpgOn the Cloverleaf6 viewsTaking off from Phoenix you look down on this artistic cloverleaf highway intersection reflecting the areas southwest Indian heritage. I'm pretty sure that this view shows off the design much better than any you can get on the ground.2 commentsEd Hodgson
aspenglow.jpgAspen Glow5 viewsAspen really light up the Eastern Rocky Mountains as autumn arrives. This flight a few years back gave me a great chance to enjoy the show.Ed Hodgson
AspensandPeaksNEJasper.jpgAspens Northeast of Jasper5 viewsDriving to the Miette hot springs, we found the aspens were pretty well turned making a pretty foreground for the mountains despite a heavy overcast.Ed Hodgson
ATeaser.jpgA Teaser5 viewsAs we walked the lakeshore trail, the low clouds parted and lifted enough to reveal some of the lower cliffs descending from Mt. Fairweather to the lake and hinted there might be hope for better things after all. We decided to continue on up the trail beyond the head of the lake for a little way and see what might develop.Ed Hodgson
AthabascaRvrAM.jpgMorning View South from Jasper - Athabasca River4 viewsEd Hodgson
AtlantaandMtns.jpgAtlanta and the Appalachian Mountains8 viewsOn the ground in Atlanta I've generally been quite unaware of how close it is to the mountains and to Great Smoky Mountains NP, but flying into the airport there I often got views like this that make that clear. Ed Hodgson
Atmospheric.jpgAtmospheric depth in Southwick10 viewsAfter following the link in James' recent post to the forum, I found this group of ice fishermen in the snow on the Congamond Lakes an opportunity to experiment with atmospheric depth in an image that I couldn't pass up. Hopefully the snow pile provides an adequate though not ideal foreground.2 commentsEd Hodgson
AuPontStMichel.jpgAu Pont St. Michel12 viewsA canal side restaurant in early evening - Strasbourg, FranceEd Hodgson
autumnarboretum.jpgAutumn in the Arboretum12 viewsWhile in New Jersey visiting my Mother-in-Law's house, one of my regular stops has been a small arboretum in Glen Rock, the town where my wife and I grew up. I thought it looked particularly pretty dressed up in its fall colors.3 commentsEd Hodgson
autumncoming.jpgAutumn Coming In6 viewsAutumn arrives in the Berkshires in deeper and more varied tones than in the Rockies, but is no less beautiful to see from the air.Ed Hodgson
backswamp.jpgAcross the Back Swamp7 viewsAs we took in the view across the Bow River and the Back Swamp to the mountains beyond, a west bound CP Rail freight rumbled by on the riverbank below us.Ed Hodgson
BaldfaceKnobTrlPanorama.jpgBaldface Knob Panorama5 viewsHere's half of the view that rewarded us for our toil after climbing the ledges on the Baldface Circle Trail. As a first experience using the photomerge capabilities in Photoshop elements, I was pretty pleased with the ease of use and the result considering the handheld, aperture priority shots that went into it.Ed Hodgson
BaldfaceLedges.jpgThe South Baldface Ledges4 viewsHere's a view looking across the ledges to the north toward Mt. Meader that gives a sense of the general slope we were ascending.3 commentsEd Hodgson
Baltimoremaybe.jpgBaltimore - The Inner Harbor11 viewsFlying between Hartford and DC on a fine day provided this view of a city that has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately.Ed Hodgson
BanffChurch.jpgAn Historic Churcg6 viewsBanff's catholic church has an interesting history and design. It's first pastor and designer was an architect who came to work on the grand railroad hotels, got the call to the priesthood and returned to Banff as pastor. The church reflects his artistic inclinations and flair.Ed Hodgson
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