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101_0017edt.jpgBanded Pennant Dragonfly20 viewsEd Hodgson
AmericanLady.jpgAmerican Lady Butterfly6 viewsSince it was a topic of some discussion at teh meeting last night, I figured I'd post a couple of images that clearly show the principal visual difference between American Lady and Painted Lady Butterflies. Note especially the underside of the hind wings.Ed Hodgson
ashyclubtail.jpgAshy Clubtail Dragonfly on Rhododendron Blossoms9 viewsWhile most of the early dragonflies zoomed around frantically and eluded my attempts at photography, this mellow fellow took time to smell the flowers and posed nicely for me on our rhododendron bushes.Ed Hodgson
Attroutpond.jpgFrom the dragon's lair8 viewsThere were some lovely water lily blossoms at trout pond over the last few days that prompted some photo experimentation. This shot of a Slaty Skimmer with water lily background is one result.Ed Hodgson
calicopennant.jpgCalico Pennant Dragonfly6 viewsThis one was also by Trout Pond in McLean refuge. I used a fill flash to bring out the colors on his wings and thorax and the smallest aperture my lense offers to get enough depth of field to encompass his wingspan and the flowers where he was perched. Shooting against the pond at a shallow angle eliminated issues with distracting background detail.Ed Hodgson
canadadarner.jpgCanada Darner Dragonfly11 viewsBy the soccer field in Salmon Brook Park. I'm not quite certain in the ID on this one and would welcome confirmation or correction.2 commentsEd Hodgson
damselsdelight.jpgDamsel's Delight15 viewsI caught this damselfly heading for a water lily blossom on Spring Pond in the McLean game refuge the other day and thought it made a nice image despite some extraneous matter in the water. I'm considering editing some of the distracting material out - opinions?3 commentsEd Hodgson
easternpondhawk.jpgEastern Pondhawk Dragonfly11 viewsFrom our front garden. I couldn't find any way to prevent this image from being busier than I really wanted, but really liked this dragonfly with the pink flowers in my wife's garden so contented myself with opening up the aperture as far as I could without overly compromising focus over the dragonfly's body and wings. Suggestions for this kind of situation?Ed Hodgson
Easterntailedblue.jpgEastern Tailed Blue Buttterfly16 viewsI particularly liked this little guy I saw in the McLean Refuge today and appreciated his cooperative attitude in perching on the goldenrod to set off his lovely blue color.2 commentsEd Hodgson
EssexSkipper.jpg7 viewsEssex Skipper, Granby, CT - June, 2017Ed Hodgson
Favorite_-_April2C_2015.jpgFirst Bee - Spring Morning Light14 viewsThe first bee I've seen this spring just finished his visit to a naturalized crocus in our lawn as I aimed my macro lens up-sun and captured the sun shining through the crocus and gleaming on the bee. Too bad the bee wasn't patient enough to stay better positioned in the frame.Ed Hodgson
fleshfly.jpgA Flesh Fly8 viewsI spotted this imposing fly on the bridge in Salmon Brook Park. A little research led me to conclude he is a flesh fly in the Sarcophigidae family and provided a bunch of references to their importance in forensics - an interesting though hardly cheerful find.Ed Hodgson
grasshopper.jpgGrasshopper heaven20 viewsMet this fortunate fellow on the Joe Pye Weed in the Mclean Game Refuge a couple of days ago.7 commentsEd Hodgson
halloweenpennant.jpgHalloween Pennant Dragonfly10 viewsEnough winter already! I've been driven to working up a few more of my dragonfly pics from last summer. This one is from Trout Pond in Mclean Refuge.2 commentsEd Hodgson
Incognito.jpgIncognito13 viewsDoes anyone recognize this handsome fellow? i was walking in the McLean refuge near spring pond Sunday when I spotted him taking his ease on a bridge. he caught my eye because his leg span was easily 4-6 inches. The closest I find searching on line is a dark fishing spider, but the abdominal markings are all wrong.4 commentsEd Hodgson
monarch.jpgThe Viceroy Returns13 viewsMonarch butterflies have been fairly scarce around here lately so I was delighted to see what I thought were several of them at McLean refuge the other day and took advantage of it to make a few images. Thanks to some gentle correction from Vern, I now know they were Viceroys and the Monarch is still AWOL. Oh well.2 commentsEd Hodgson
Monarch2017.jpgS'il Fait Beaux Temps ....12 viewsThis monarch butterfly and bumble bee side by side on my wife's Chareopteris reminded me of the Aesop's fable about the bee and the butterfly they used to try and teach us French in high school. I guess it must have worked a little bit - still there after all those years.Ed Hodgson
orangebluet.jpgDamselfly7 viewsI spotted this little beauty along the shore of one of the Congamond Lakes. My ID is an Orange Bluet, but I'm no expert so am open to correction.Ed Hodgson
Paintedlady.jpgPainted Lady at Work12 viewsI found this painted lady butterfly at work in the Granby Community Garden along Hungary Road. I thought this bright pink Zinnia made a nice perch for her.Ed Hodgson
PaintedLady2.jpgPainted Lady5 viewsHere's the comparison photo of a painted lady butterfly with a similar closed wing position.Ed Hodgson
slaty.jpgSlaty Skimmer15 viewsI found this Slaty Skimmer along the rails to trails bike path going north from Copper Hill RoadEd Hodgson
spicebushbfly.jpgSpicebush Swallowtail12 viewsISO 200, f5.0, 1/400 sec, aperture priority, backlitEd Hodgson
superbjewelfemale.jpgSuperb Jewelwing Damselfly (female)11 viewsAt the edge of the new beaver pond yesterday, I found newly hatched superb jewelwing (that's really what the species is called, not just my exuberant adjective) damselflies. This one is a female.Ed Hodgson
superbjewelmale.jpgSuperb Jewlewing Damselfly (male)6 viewsThis one is the maleEd Hodgson
twelvespot.jpgTwelve Spot Skimmer Dragonfly10 viewsAfter being sensitized to the possibilities at the Mountain Brook Preserve, I seem to be seeing neat dragonflies wherever I go. This femal twelve spot skimmer was right in our front yard and perched conveniently in the azalea near our font door.Ed Hodgson
Variable_Dancer_2.jpgVariable Dancer Damselfly7 viewsI found this by Spring Pond in the McLean Game Refuge and particularly liked the color of the damselfly against this background.2 commentsEd Hodgson
waterstrider.jpgWalking on Salmon Brook8 viewsWater strider on Salmon Brook near Griffin Rd. Lighting accentuates use of surface tension to support insect - reflections highlight depressions where the feet touch the water.Ed Hodgson
whatsfordinner.jpgIt's What's for Dinner6 viewsI was at the Mountain Brook Nature Preserve the other day when this little damselfly flew in with her catch and I was able to watch her settle in for a picnic on the edge of this curled milkweed leaf.Ed Hodgson
widow.jpgWidow Skimmer Dragonfly22 viewsFor years I have enjoyed occasional stops at the Mountain Brook preserve along Copper Hill in Suffield, but i find the observation platform they recently completed has made a dramatic improvement. It has made it much easier to get a good look at the dragonfly activity on the marshy pond there and opened my eyes to the great variety we have locally. This widow skimmer is one of the beauties I've observed there over the last few days. If it's not a spot you're familiar with, I recommend it as worth a stop.3 commentsEd Hodgson
widowskimmer.jpgWidow Skimmer and Brown Eyed Susans9 viewsJust off the edge of Trout Pond in the McLean Refuge. I really liked the flowers in the background for this image and deliberately shot at f8 to keep them pretty distinct with what seemed to me to be enough blur combined with fill flash on the dragonfly to emphasize the subject. I'd welcome input on how well that works for you.Ed Hodgson
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