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abovemorainelk.jpgAbove Moraine Lake8 viewsI found the mountain peaks and glaciers above Moraine Lake particularly impressive and took this detail shot looking up one of the high canyons across the lake to try and capture what I was seeing.Ed Hodgson
AlpineGarden.jpgAlpine Garden at Logan Pass10 viewsOn the walk from Logan pass up to the Hidden Lake Overlook, the alpine wildflowers were gorgeous even though it was the end of August. These were nicely set off by the waterfalls in the background and the little stream they fed.2 commentsEd Hodgson
altynpeak.jpgAltyn Peak7 viewsIn the opposite direction from the grand view over the lake at Many Glacier, this fine view of carved cliffs stretching away to the east commands attention as well.Ed Hodgson
ChiefRainbow.jpgChief Mountain with rainbow12 viewsAs we began our drive north toward the Canadian Rockies, we passed by Chief Mountain, sacred to the Blackfeet Indians and found it anchoring a fine rainbow.2 commentsEd Hodgson
EarlyMornRisingSun.jpgEarly Morning - St. Mary Lake6 viewsI went down to the lake shore near the Rising Sun boat dock a little after sunrise and found the early morning light very nice so tried to capture it here.Ed Hodgson
Evening.jpgEvening at Rising Sun5 viewsAt the end of the day, the mountains south of St. Mary Lake stretch off into misty blue twilight.Ed Hodgson
GoatLoganPass.jpgMountain Goat at Logan Pass6 viewsAs we walked up toward Hidden Lake, this mountain goat appeared and ambled across the flowered slopes. I had closer shots at him, but continued watching and photographing him to get this one set against the mountain slopes on the opposite side of the pass. I thought it would give a good sense of their rarified realm.Ed Hodgson
GoatsHidden.jpgAbove Hidden Lake8 viewsAt the Hidden Lake Overlook, a family of Mountain Goats was resting on the rocky ledges apparently unperturbed by all the nearby human traffic. When I was able to avoid other hikers in view, I thought it made a pretty nice scene.Ed Hodgson
Goingtothe_SunMt.jpgGoing to the Sun Mountain6 viewsThe soaring face of Going to the Sun Mountain made a real impression on me during our ride up St. Mary Lake for our hike to Virginia Falls.Ed Hodgson
Goulddawnlt.jpgMount Gould - Swiftcurrent Lake, Dawn Light10 viewsWith the inspiration of Jay's editing examples on my sunset and sunrise files, I worked to bring out what I saw in this photo taken before the sunrise light began to illuminate the mountain peaks. I'll welcome further suggestions / comments3 commentsEd Hodgson
henkelpeak.jpgHenkel Peak10 viewsThis peak above Swiftcurrent Lodge in the Many Glacier region seems to me to present a terrific display of the rock types that make Glacier's mountains so colorful.Ed Hodgson
MooseStMary.jpgMoose - St. Mary Lake8 viewsWe saw this moose browsing in the shallows near the inlet (western) end of St. Mary Lake. It was a distant shot and had to be taken hand-held, but I think the long zoom and image stabilization on my camera served me pretty well here.Ed Hodgson
mtAndromeda.jpgMount Andromeda4 viewsOn the way southbound along the Icefields Parkway, we passed the Columbia Icefield, its visitor center and surrounding peaks and made time for an (all too brief) stop. the weather was pretty cooperative for photography of this amazing scene.Ed Hodgson
MtKichener_______________________________________________________________________mt.jpgMount Kitchener4 viewsEd Hodgson
MtnStorms.jpgMountain Storms5 viewsOn a stormy September morning, the mountains west of the St. Mary Lake park entrance loom dramatically above the plain.Ed Hodgson
MtWilburDawn.JPGMount Wilbur - Dawn Light9 viewsOne more attempt at capturing the sunrise spectacular I enjoyed for two mornings at Many Glacier.3 commentsEd Hodgson
Overbrink.jpgOver the brink5 viewsOn the hike up to Virgina Falls, we passed a number of lesser waterfalls and cascades including this one where I had a good look at water flowing over the brilliant red rock at the lip of the falls. Although not nearly as high as Virginia Falls, I found this one quite high enough to be impressive and a little scary looking over its lip. Ed Hodgson
Paintbrush.jpgIndian Paintbrush and Alpine Arnica6 viewsI found this little clump of wildflowers among the colorful stone fragments from Glacier's peaks particularly attractive.Ed Hodgson
petesbgpano1.JPGAlaska Mountians & Glacier from Near Petersburg, Alaska9 viewsTaken in very early morning looking East from a boat approaching Petersburg Alaska.2 commentsEd Hodgson
RavensLoganPass.jpgAlpine Ravens8 viewsOn the hike back down to Logan Pass from Hidden Lake Overlook, I spotted this pair of ravens soaring around the peaks and alpine meadows. When they landed for a rest on this red boulder, I thought it would make a nice image set against the mountainside across the pass.Ed Hodgson
Salamander.jpgSalamander Glacier6 viewsView of the Salamander Glacier from Lake Josephine in the Many Glacier region of the park.Ed Hodgson
StMaryRiver.jpgThe St. Mary River5 viewsOn the hike down from Virginia Falls and St. Mary Falls, the bright red shirt of this relaxing hiker against the intense blue waters of the St. Mary River caught my eye and set the scene for this photo.Ed Hodgson
sunrise4.jpgGould Peak Many Glacier Sunrise #4 original6 viewsIncluded here as a basis for comparison on the edited version of this photoEd Hodgson
sunrise4edit.jpgGould Peak Many Glacier Sunrise #4 edited11 viewsBased on the results Jay produced with a couple of files I posted earlier, I figured I'd try some more aggressive editing on a similar file to see what i could do with the tools I've got. This is the "after " image from a shot on the morning after the previous sunrise posts. Comments / suggestions are invited. 2 commentsEd Hodgson
SunriseGoat.jpgMountain Goat at sunrise9 viewsWhile out to photograph the sunrise over Swiftcurrent Lake, I was able to watch this mountain goat in the early light making his way along the cliff face on a mountainside north of the lake. Not as close as I would have preferred, but the light was very nice.Ed Hodgson
SunriseMG1.jpgMany Glacier Sunrise # 18 viewsThe first rays of the rising sun paint the face of Mount Gould rosy pink while the Garden Wall (left), and Angel Wing (right) remain in shadow. Rising morning mist and placid reflections decorate the lake's surface. I was able to take my time and use my tripod for these and really needed to as the early light was not bright.Ed Hodgson
SunriseMG2.jpgMany Glacier Sunrise #29 viewsAs the sun rose higher, it's rays lit up the red rocks of Grinnel Point dramatically reflected in the lake's mirror smooth surface.Ed Hodgson
SunriseMG3.jpgMany Glacier Sunrise #39 viewsWith sunrise nearly complete, only a few mountain shadows remained on the sunlit face of Mount Wilbur and the Ptarmigan wall to its right.Ed Hodgson
SunsetMG.jpgStormy Many Glacier Sunset11 viewsI'm beginning to work photos from our vacation in late August- early September. On our first night at Glacier NP, thunderstorms were approaching at sunset creating some drama I tried to capture here.2 commentsEd Hodgson
Swiftcurrent.jpgSwiftcurrent Falls, early evening8 viewsI had to take this shot from the edge of a cliff using my tripod to safely get the camera position I wanted and ended up composing it as a vertical panorama of three horizontal frames to get what I was looking for. Clearly, the pair fishing from the ledge by the base of the falls had less trepidation about the cliff than I did.Ed Hodgson
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