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AlpineGarden.jpgAlpine Garden at Logan Pass10 viewsOn the walk from Logan pass up to the Hidden Lake Overlook, the alpine wildflowers were gorgeous even though it was the end of August. These were nicely set off by the waterfalls in the background and the little stream they fed.2 commentsEd Hodgson
appleblossoms.jpgApple Blossom Time5 viewsThere is a little apple tree near one end of the beaver dam that blooms beautifully in early spring each year. This year I tried to get a few photos that put the bloom in context. Here's one I kind of like.Ed Hodgson
arrowhead.jpgBroad Leaved Arrowhead22 viewsI saw this in the marsh along Quarry Road in Granby the otehr day when I stopped to look at some cardinal flowers blooming there.2 commentsEd Hodgson
ashyclubtail.jpgAshy Clubtail Dragonfly on Rhododendron Blossoms9 viewsWhile most of the early dragonflies zoomed around frantically and eluded my attempts at photography, this mellow fellow took time to smell the flowers and posed nicely for me on our rhododendron bushes.Ed Hodgson
behindbars.jpgBehind Bars6 viewsI was working on photos of the Giant Lobelia and brown -eyed Susans in my wife's garden because I liked the color contrasts. When I sized up this approach I was struck by the appearance of a crowded detention cell and thought it was worth a shot. Ed Hodgson
bloodroot.jpgFirst Bloodroot of the season7 viewsThese bloodroot caught me by surprise as I was cleaning up in the gardens yesterday. I really wasn't expecting to see any in our yard this soon.2 commentsEd Hodgson
borage.jpgBorage7 viewsMy wife has a number of borage plants growing in her herb garden this summer. We find their clusters of sky blue flowers a real treat and this blossom that had fallen onto one of the borage leaves especially caught my eye and begged for a photograph.2 commentsEd Hodgson
buttonbush.jpgButtonbush5 viewsI thought this buttonbush blossom was particularly well set off for a photograph by its isolation against this dark green leaf.2 commentsEd Hodgson
calicopennant.jpgCalico Pennant Dragonfly6 viewsThis one was also by Trout Pond in McLean refuge. I used a fill flash to bring out the colors on his wings and thorax and the smallest aperture my lense offers to get enough depth of field to encompass his wingspan and the flowers where he was perched. Shooting against the pond at a shallow angle eliminated issues with distracting background detail.Ed Hodgson
Cardinalflower.jpgCardinal Flower 201510 viewsThe cardinal flowers are indeed blooming now, but not along Quarry Road where we found them last year. This was along the bike path going north from Suffield to Southwick. There are quite a few there.1 commentsEd Hodgson
Cardinalflower2017.jpgSeptember Surprise10 viewsI was surprised while walking along the rail trail north from Suffield last week to find these cardinal flowers still blooming by a little beaver dam. I thought it made a nice scene.1 commentsEd Hodgson
Cascade_on_the_trail_to_Windsor_Lake.jpgCascade on the trail to Windsor Lake12 viewsEd Hodgson
ChristmasCactus.jpgChristmas Cactus4 viewsAs Christmas approached, I enjoyed the bloom on my wife's Christmas Cactus and thought this back-lit view was interesting.Ed Hodgson
Copper_Creek_Trail_Crested_Butte.jpgCopper Creek Trail Crested Butte12 viewsEd Hodgson
daisies.jpgDaisies6 viewsWe're getting a particularly nice bloom out of my wife's Shasta Daisies this summer so i figured i'd try to take advantage of it.Ed Hodgson
emerged_early.jpgEmerged a little early7 viewsThis snowdrop popped up as the snow was retreating just a few days too early to help me out in this month's scavenger hunt. Being prescient, I framed it up in a photo anyway.Ed Hodgson
EssexSkipper.jpg8 viewsEssex Skipper, Granby, CT - June, 2017Ed Hodgson
Fairycandles.jpgFairy Candles4 viewsWith the late sun streaming through the pine tree behind them these fairy candles (Snakeroot) in my wife's garden really seemed to me to fit the name. Ed Hodgson
Favorite_-_April2C_2015.jpgFirst Bee - Spring Morning Light14 viewsThe first bee I've seen this spring just finished his visit to a naturalized crocus in our lawn as I aimed my macro lens up-sun and captured the sun shining through the crocus and gleaming on the bee. Too bad the bee wasn't patient enough to stay better positioned in the frame.Ed Hodgson
Fringed_Polygala.jpgFringed Polygala and Canada Mayflower8 viewsThese little gems were blooming beside the trail in the McLean refuge.2 commentsEd Hodgson
GCC_red.jpgDick O'Donnell - Longwood Garden14 viewsDick ODonnell
goldfinch.jpgGoldfinch Treasure8 viewsThis American Goldfinch was among quite a few i saw enjoying the sunflowers in Granby's community garden area off Hungary Road Saturday morning.Ed Hodgson
goldfinch2.jpgOff His Feed7 viewsAS I was lining up this fellow for a photo, he slipped off his feeding perch on the sunflower and gave me a chance to capture his recovery flight back to where he really wanted to be.Ed Hodgson
grasshopper.jpgGrasshopper heaven20 viewsMet this fortunate fellow on the Joe Pye Weed in the Mclean Game Refuge a couple of days ago.7 commentsEd Hodgson
hellebore.jpgHellebore (Lenten Rose)5 viewsWith the warm days we've had lately, my wife's gardens are beginning to spring to life and surprised me with a few early beauties including this Lenten Rose in teh spring sunshine.Ed Hodgson
jewelweed.jpgJewel Weed at Trout Pond6 viewsAnother experimental shot working with the pink water lilies at Trout PondEd Hodgson
lawncrocus.jpgEarly crocus5 viewsThis brave soul was one of the first crocuses to pop his head up on the southeast side of the house in early April while much of the yard was still snow covered.Ed Hodgson
lawncrocuses.jpgNaturalized crocuses11 viewsThe crocuses are popping up with exuberance now that the snow has left our lawn and we're having a few warm sunny days.Ed Hodgson
Mountain_wildflowers_above_Vail.jpgMountain wildflowers above Vail12 viewsEd Hodgson
On_the_ridge_above_Vail.jpgOn the ridge above Vail11 viewsEd Hodgson
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