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100_7592small.jpgThe Great Falls and Gorge6 viewsA view from the NP viewing area near the old power plantEd Hodgson
100_7604small.jpgThe Great Falls5 viewsView of the falls from a foot bridge over the chasmEd Hodgson
BisselBrookJune.jpgBissel Brook in June10 viewsWhen I stopped here the other day as i occasionally do, extreme contrast between the sunlit woods above the falls and the shaded area below demanded HDR to create a decent image so I thought it would be worth a try. This is the result I like best so far. Comments and suggestions are invited. 6 commentsEd Hodgson
BowFalls.jpgBow Falls5 viewsAlthough there is not a tremendous vertical drop, Bow Falls was surely impressive and a scenic highlight in the city of Banff.Ed Hodgson
buzz_BUZ2689.jpgFall in East Saddam7 views1 commentsBuzz Glazier
buzz_BUZ6154.jpg10 views3 commentsBuzz Glazier
D7K_8786.jpgMorning Mist11 views1 commentsPaula Johnson
D7K_8793.jpgBloomfield Fall Colors9 viewsPaula Johnson
Dorrie_Arnold_DSC00290-Edit.jpgWinter in Enders State Park10 viewsLate March afternoon in Enders' frozen paradise.Dorrie Arnold
enders2.jpgEnders After the Rains #118 viewsYesterday afternoon after teh rain & sleet stopped, I got down into Enders to take a look. The stream was running high providing a splendid show, but there was enough ice left in there to make getting around a bit of an adventure and somewhat restricting the vantage points I was prepared to try. Even with the darkness of the gorge and mostly overcast skies, I couldn't make the exposure as long as I wished (ISO 64 is as low as I've got, and f8 my smallest aperture) - oh, those trade-offs!Ed Hodgson
endersfalls.jpgEnders Waterfall18 viewsYesterday near noonYou could see the water flowing behind the ice where it was thin, but none was exposed to the frigid air until it reached the pool below the falls.Ed Hodgson
endersHDR1a.jpgEnders 116 viewsThe focus and diriver for using HDR was to capture the bright detail in ice around the cascade without losing detail in the darker rocks above. This might have been achieved as well in post processing a single image (unsure - I didn't try a comparative case)
HDR processing using Luminance HDR - available as a free download on hte web.
Ed Hodgson
enderslowerfalls.jpgEnders Lower Falls 16 viewsYesterday around noonEd Hodgson
FallsBissellBrookwinter16.jpgBissel Brook Falls in Winter5 viewsDuring our January cold snap, the falls on Bissel Brook formed some beautiful ice. Among many shots, I tried, I especially liked this one framed by a bowed tree trunk and some of the rocky terrain around the fallsEd Hodgson
Judd_Falls.jpgJudd Falls10 viewsFrom a viewpoint early in the hike up the Copper Creek Trail out of Gothic Colorado. Extreme lighting contrast made this hand held shot a challenge. It would have been a great candidate for HDR if I had known anything about it at the time (and if my wife's patience along the trail would tolerate the extra time)Ed Hodgson
LowerFalls.jpgLower Falls Detail4 viewsLower Falls along the Kancamangus Highway is a complex and very interesting cascade over jointed rock shelves that have water flowing in every direction in rapids, broad falls, turbulent little channels, and sneaky little side waterfalls from one channel to another like these. I found this detail on one section of the grand scheme interesting. Ed Hodgson
Overbrink.jpgOver the brink5 viewsOn the hike up to Virgina Falls, we passed a number of lesser waterfalls and cascades including this one where I had a good look at water flowing over the brilliant red rock at the lip of the falls. Although not nearly as high as Virginia Falls, I found this one quite high enough to be impressive and a little scary looking over its lip. Ed Hodgson
Swiftandstill16.jpgSwift and Still6 viewsAt the Bissel Brook Falls, I found this contrast between swift flowing water coming down the falls and the still ice above it interesting.2 commentsEd Hodgson
Swiftcurrent.jpgSwiftcurrent Falls, early evening8 viewsI had to take this shot from the edge of a cliff using my tripod to safely get the camera position I wanted and ended up composing it as a vertical panorama of three horizontal frames to get what I was looking for. Clearly, the pair fishing from the ledge by the base of the falls had less trepidation about the cliff than I did.Ed Hodgson
VirginiaFalls.jpgVirginia Falls11 viewsThis was one of the loveliest of many waterfalls we saw in Glacier NP to my eye. I had unobscured images of the main drop of the falls, but preferred this image with some of the lower cascades in the foreground. I'd welcome thoughts on my selection.2 commentsEd Hodgson
VirginiaFalls2.jpgVirginia Falls Overview4 viewsFrom some distance below the falls we got a view of the main drop looking up the stream below.Ed Hodgson
_DSC0028edited2_mirror_mirage-Edit.jpgEnders Falls7 views1 commentsPaula Johnson
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