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ashyclubtail.jpgAshy Clubtail Dragonfly on Rhododendron Blossoms9 viewsWhile most of the early dragonflies zoomed around frantically and eluded my attempts at photography, this mellow fellow took time to smell the flowers and posed nicely for me on our rhododendron bushes.Ed Hodgson
calicopennant.jpgCalico Pennant Dragonfly6 viewsThis one was also by Trout Pond in McLean refuge. I used a fill flash to bring out the colors on his wings and thorax and the smallest aperture my lense offers to get enough depth of field to encompass his wingspan and the flowers where he was perched. Shooting against the pond at a shallow angle eliminated issues with distracting background detail.Ed Hodgson
canadadarner.jpgCanada Darner Dragonfly11 viewsBy the soccer field in Salmon Brook Park. I'm not quite certain in the ID on this one and would welcome confirmation or correction.2 commentsEd Hodgson
easternpondhawk.jpgEastern Pondhawk Dragonfly11 viewsFrom our front garden. I couldn't find any way to prevent this image from being busier than I really wanted, but really liked this dragonfly with the pink flowers in my wife's garden so contented myself with opening up the aperture as far as I could without overly compromising focus over the dragonfly's body and wings. Suggestions for this kind of situation?Ed Hodgson
halloweenpennant.jpgHalloween Pennant Dragonfly10 viewsEnough winter already! I've been driven to working up a few more of my dragonfly pics from last summer. This one is from Trout Pond in Mclean Refuge.2 commentsEd Hodgson
slaty.jpgSlaty Skimmer15 viewsI found this Slaty Skimmer along the rails to trails bike path going north from Copper Hill RoadEd Hodgson
twelvespot.jpgTwelve Spot Skimmer Dragonfly10 viewsAfter being sensitized to the possibilities at the Mountain Brook Preserve, I seem to be seeing neat dragonflies wherever I go. This femal twelve spot skimmer was right in our front yard and perched conveniently in the azalea near our font door.Ed Hodgson
widow.jpgWidow Skimmer Dragonfly22 viewsFor years I have enjoyed occasional stops at the Mountain Brook preserve along Copper Hill in Suffield, but i find the observation platform they recently completed has made a dramatic improvement. It has made it much easier to get a good look at the dragonfly activity on the marshy pond there and opened my eyes to the great variety we have locally. This widow skimmer is one of the beauties I've observed there over the last few days. If it's not a spot you're familiar with, I recommend it as worth a stop.3 commentsEd Hodgson
widowskimmer.jpgWidow Skimmer and Brown Eyed Susans9 viewsJust off the edge of Trout Pond in the McLean Refuge. I really liked the flowers in the background for this image and deliberately shot at f8 to keep them pretty distinct with what seemed to me to be enough blur combined with fill flash on the dragonfly to emphasize the subject. I'd welcome input on how well that works for you.Ed Hodgson
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