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101_0017edt.jpgBanded Pennant Dragonfly20 viewsEd Hodgson
abstractinblackandwhite.jpgAbstract in black & white13 viewsActually a color image, this high contrast shot was made in late morning on an overcast June day this summer2 commentsEd Hodgson
abstractingreen~0.jpgAbstract in Green8 viewsIn July, with abundant foliage overhead, the flow over the lip of the little dam presented its ever changing reflections in verdant splendor.2 commentsEd Hodgson
accomplished.jpgMission Accomplished11 viewsThe little beaver dam I have been watching evolve through the winter was complete and about 18 inches high yesterday afternoon. It can go about a foot higher in its current location without growing a whole lot more in width, so I kind of expect more work on it in the days ahead.2 commentsEd Hodgson
ALittleNightMusic.jpgA Little Night Music at the Palau Nacionale14 viewsA chance encounter during an evening walk. There were a number of people listening on the steps above, but I preferred the image this way.Ed Hodgson
AmericanDream.jpgAmerican Dream5 viewsHere's another old timer I found in an appealing setting during our cruise night field trip2 commentsEd Hodgson
AmericanLady.jpgAmerican Lady Butterfly6 viewsSince it was a topic of some discussion at teh meeting last night, I figured I'd post a couple of images that clearly show the principal visual difference between American Lady and Painted Lady Butterflies. Note especially the underside of the hind wings.Ed Hodgson
anotherstory.jpgAnother story in the snow11 viewsThe other day, I found the marsh along the rail trail cold and still with a heavy cover of snow, but i did find this trace winding across the frozen marsh. I couldn't see the end of this story and the plot looks twisted. Good food for the imagination, I think.2 commentsEd Hodgson
appleblossoms.jpgApple Blossom Time5 viewsThere is a little apple tree near one end of the beaver dam that blooms beautifully in early spring each year. This year I tried to get a few photos that put the bloom in context. Here's one I kind of like.Ed Hodgson
arrowhead.jpgBroad Leaved Arrowhead22 viewsI saw this in the marsh along Quarry Road in Granby the otehr day when I stopped to look at some cardinal flowers blooming there.2 commentsEd Hodgson
ashyclubtail.jpgAshy Clubtail Dragonfly on Rhododendron Blossoms9 viewsWhile most of the early dragonflies zoomed around frantically and eluded my attempts at photography, this mellow fellow took time to smell the flowers and posed nicely for me on our rhododendron bushes.Ed Hodgson
Attroutpond.jpgFrom the dragon's lair8 viewsThere were some lovely water lily blossoms at trout pond over the last few days that prompted some photo experimentation. This shot of a Slaty Skimmer with water lily background is one result.Ed Hodgson
AuPontStMichel.jpgAu Pont St. Michel12 viewsA canal side restaurant in early evening - Strasbourg, FranceEd Hodgson
baltimoreoriole.jpgBaltimore Oriole by Salmon Brook8 viewsI've been seeing and hearing quite a few of these jaunty fellows lately and thought this one who surprised me by the brook should be shared.Ed Hodgson
BanffChurch.jpgAn Historic Churcg6 viewsBanff's catholic church has an interesting history and design. It's first pastor and designer was an architect who came to work on the grand railroad hotels, got the call to the priesthood and returned to Banff as pastor. The church reflects his artistic inclinations and flair.Ed Hodgson
barkhamsteadresAMclouds.jpgBarhamstead Reservoir - Early Morning Clouds12 viewsWith both my Mother and Mother-In-Law having health problems in NJ, I've been driving by the reservoir a lot lately. It got me thinking about this early morning flight when the first light lit up the clouds the reservoir created overnight so nicely.2 commentsEd Hodgson
beaverdive.jpgDive! Dive!6 viewsWhile at Trout Pond in McLean the other day, I watched a beaver enter the water off the nearest island in the pond and proceed to swim around in the pond for some time alternating intervals of quiet swimming with splashing dives, each accompanied by a loud tail smack. I took a number of photos, but was unsatisfied with any of them taken alone as representing the event well so tried this composite of two.Ed Hodgson
beaverpond.jpgThe beaver pond on Salmon Brook9 viewsStill water now backs up from the beaver dam creating a pond where dragonflies patrol and fish break the surface to feed.Ed Hodgson
beforeitbrokeJune15.jpgBeaver Dam before it failed, June, 20158 viewsWith strong flow in the brook, the beaver dam near Canal Street created a nice little water fall in Salmon Brook before its catastrophic failure a couple of weeks later.Ed Hodgson
behindbars.jpgBehind Bars6 viewsI was working on photos of the Giant Lobelia and brown -eyed Susans in my wife's garden because I liked the color contrasts. When I sized up this approach I was struck by the appearance of a crowded detention cell and thought it was worth a shot. Ed Hodgson
BisselBrookJune.jpgBissel Brook in June10 viewsWhen I stopped here the other day as i occasionally do, extreme contrast between the sunlit woods above the falls and the shaded area below demanded HDR to create a decent image so I thought it would be worth a try. This is the result I like best so far. Comments and suggestions are invited. 6 commentsEd Hodgson
bittersweetembrace.jpgBittersweet Embrace8 viewsJust something I saw earlier this month and thought could make an evocative image.Ed Hodgson
bloodroot.jpgFirst Bloodroot of the season6 viewsThese bloodroot caught me by surprise as I was cleaning up in the gardens yesterday. I really wasn't expecting to see any in our yard this soon.2 commentsEd Hodgson
bluebird116.jpgWinter Bluebird 20169 viewsLast month I spotted this fellow visiting our birdbath one morning. He was cooperative enough to pause in our maple tree as he finished his visit so I was able to capture a few images. Exposure was a bit of a challenge as he was strongly backlit and our sunroom windows made fill flash a bad option, but between what I could do with the camera ans a bit of post processing, I don't think this worked out too badly.Ed Hodgson
bluebird2.jpgThe Bluebird in May8 viewsOn an afternoon walk in the McLean refuge today, I was delighted to hear this fellow singing in a tree near the entrance from 10-202 and to get a decent look at him. Bluebirds are always a special treat to me.Ed Hodgson
borage.jpgBorage7 viewsMy wife has a number of borage plants growing in her herb garden this summer. We find their clusters of sky blue flowers a real treat and this blossom that had fallen onto one of the borage leaves especially caught my eye and begged for a photograph.2 commentsEd Hodgson
buckstops.jpgThe Buck Stops Here14 viewsActually, the subject of this image is the barn door hinge (also off level).2 commentsEd Hodgson
buttonbush.jpgButtonbush4 viewsI thought this buttonbush blossom was particularly well set off for a photograph by its isolation against this dark green leaf.2 commentsEd Hodgson
Buzzshot.jpgBuzz lines up a shot6 viewsFor those who didn't make it, here's a club member hard at work. It's easy to see in this photo, some of the photographic challenges that arose from so many cars and people in a small area at this venue.Ed Hodgson
buzz_BUZ0053-2.jpgMorning Rays10 views1 commentsBuzz Glazier
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