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100_7592small.jpgThe Great Falls and Gorge6 viewsA view from the NP viewing area near the old power plantEd Hodgson
100_7601small.jpgAn Overview5 viewsA view from near the falls over the old overgrown part of the industrial area. I did not have photos of the restored and active areas in this set of photos.Ed Hodgson
100_7604small.jpgThe Great Falls5 viewsView of the falls from a foot bridge over the chasmEd Hodgson
100_7613small.jpgAbandoned factory6 viewsEd Hodgson
100_7615small.jpgAbandoned Factory6 viewsOne of a number of abandoned and burned out factories in an area below the falls that has not been restored. This area also contains the remains of an extensive 18th & 19th century water power distribution system.Ed Hodgson
100_7672small.jpgAbandoned Factory6 viewsEd Hodgson
AmericanLady.jpgAmerican Lady Butterfly6 viewsSince it was a topic of some discussion at teh meeting last night, I figured I'd post a couple of images that clearly show the principal visual difference between American Lady and Painted Lady Butterflies. Note especially the underside of the hind wings.Ed Hodgson
aspenglow.jpgAspen Glow5 viewsAspen really light up the Eastern Rocky Mountains as autumn arrives. This flight a few years back gave me a great chance to enjoy the show.Ed Hodgson
autumnarboretum.jpgAutumn in the Arboretum12 viewsWhile in New Jersey visiting my Mother-in-Law's house, one of my regular stops has been a small arboretum in Glen Rock, the town where my wife and I grew up. I thought it looked particularly pretty dressed up in its fall colors.3 commentsEd Hodgson
autumncoming.jpgAutumn Coming In6 viewsAutumn arrives in the Berkshires in deeper and more varied tones than in the Rockies, but is no less beautiful to see from the air.Ed Hodgson
BarnDipper.jpgBig Dipper over a Northwoods Barn9 viewsThe Big Dipper hangs in the night sky above a moonlit Northern New Hampshire barn. Ed Hodgson
bathingmallard.jpgBathing beauty8 viewsThis mallard's frenzied splashing with his wings became all the more dramatic as he created a blue accent in the golden reflections of late autumn trees around the pondEd Hodgson
beaverdive.jpgDive! Dive!6 viewsWhile at Trout Pond in McLean the other day, I watched a beaver enter the water off the nearest island in the pond and proceed to swim around in the pond for some time alternating intervals of quiet swimming with splashing dives, each accompanied by a loud tail smack. I took a number of photos, but was unsatisfied with any of them taken alone as representing the event well so tried this composite of two.Ed Hodgson
bittersweetembrace.jpgBittersweet Embrace8 viewsJust something I saw earlier this month and thought could make an evocative image.Ed Hodgson
cliffpano103114.JPGMetacomet Ridge Panoramic - Halloween13 viewsI saw this driving along Newgate Road and thought it looked dramatic enough with the sparse late fall foliage to warrant an attempt.Ed Hodgson
connecticutriver.jpgConnecticut River through Massachusetts7 viewsFlying out of Hartford on an early autumn afternoon provided an opportunity to enjoy the long sinuous curves of the Connecticut river stretching northward through Massachusetts toward Vermont and New HampshireEd Hodgson
Covering_-_Chesterfield_Gorge.jpgCovering - Chesterfield Gorge12 viewsWe passed by here returning home from Pac Monadnock late in the afternoon and found it pretty as a picture. Ed Hodgson
CreoleQueen.jpgAutumn Cruise10 viewsWhile in NJ yesterday, I visited a local park and watched a guy sailing his radio controlled model stern wheel river boat on the pond. I thought it made a nice image with the fall colors reflected in the water around it.Ed Hodgson
Cypresses_-_Late_season2C_late_sun~0.jpgCypresses - Late season2C late sun~012 viewsEd Hodgson
Dorrie_Arnold__DSC8461.jpgWindy beach grass15 views1 commentsDorrie Arnold
Fallen_Leaf.jpgfallen Leaf on the beaver pond10 viewsEd Hodgson
geeseinbronze.jpgGeese in Bronze7 viewsOn an early November afternoon, the foliage around Trout Pond in the McLean refuge gave some lovely reflected color to the water as the geese swam slowly about preparing for their evening fly-off.Ed Hodgson
Grand_finale.jpgThe Grand Finale11 viewsEach year our neighbor's Japanese red maple provides some beautiful color after almost everything else is pretty much gone. Now its leaves are falling fast creating a crimson carpet that matched its branches as they caught the late afternoon sun's rays yesterday. Fall's over; winter's coming in.Ed Hodgson
HorseshoePond.jpgHorseshoe Pond7 viewsHorseshoe pond is partially bounded by the WMNF just east and south of Evans Notch and a place we have canoed repeatedly. This trip we had a beautiful day with still water on the sheltered western leg of the pond giving us lovely reflections as we looked toward the surrounding hills.Ed Hodgson
IMG_7846edit1.jpgColorful Wood Duck15 viewsA small group of these have been hanging around the remnants of the little beaver pond on Salmon Brook near my home. Although they are pretty skittish, I was fortunate enough to get this photo of one of them.Ed Hodgson
KezarPondAbandoned.jpgAbandoned Camp on Kezar Pond14 viewsThe canoe access to Kezar Pond is through a 1 mile stretch of the old course of the Saco River. When Kathy & I canoed there, the channel was absolutely still making for beautiful reflections like these at an abandoned camp on the narrow spit of land between the channel and the pond.2 commentsEd Hodgson
KezarPondBridge.jpgCovered Bridge at Kezar Pond6 viewsTo reach the canoe launch for Kezar Pond, you drive across a covered bridge from the early 19th century and then canoe under it on the way up the channel to the pond. This is the view of the bridge from our canoe on the way back from the pond to the launch site.Ed Hodgson
KezarPondEgret.jpgGreat Egret on Kezar Pond10 viewsKezar Pond's shore is almost completely wild and known for great bird and wildlife sightings. The views of surrounding mountains are terrific! Because it is pretty much inaccessible except by canoe, we had it all to ourselves when we were there this trip.Ed Hodgson
luminous.jpgLuminous (tied)13 viewsOur neighbor's red maple puts on a wonderful late autumn show each year. This year I found the afternoon sun backlighting a small opening among the branches and "luminous" happened.Ed Hodgson
Monster.jpgThe East Branch Monster Revealed4 viewsI spotted this along Salmon Brook's East Branch near Christensen's Pond. We had some fun picking out the creatures we could see in the gnarly old roots so I figured I'd share the fun.2 commentsEd Hodgson
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