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Chapman_Falls_with_kids__1.jpg6 views1 commentsGene SuponskiApr 13, 2017
MaligneLake2.jpgMaligne Lake, Screened4 viewsI felt the foliage screening added a nice touch to this scene, but would be interested if others have contrary opinions.2 commentsEd HodgsonApr 11, 2017
MaligneGreyJay.jpgGray Jay at Maligne Lake4 viewsThis fellow was eating his way along the trail and not minding the presence of hikers in the least. I waited until he stopped in a photogenic spot and too his portrait.Ed HodgsonApr 11, 2017
MalignePano.jpgMaligne Lake Panorama4 viewsAs the cloud cover diminished a bit toward the end of our time at Maligne Lake, I tried this panorama in an attempt to better capture a sense of the whole magnificent setting.Ed HodgsonApr 11, 2017
IMG_9583.jpgA sedge growing in an unusual place2 viewsI love coming across dichotomies. Tolland Ma - Oct 2014Vern WellsApr 10, 2017
IMG_6179.jpgSpinulose Wood Fern in Crotch of Tree5 viewsBeartown State Forest, Great Barrington Ma - May 20132 commentsVern WellsApr 10, 2017
MaligneLake1.jpgMaligne Lake, Northeast Shore7 viewsMaligne Lake was the highlight of our brief time in the Jasper region for me and a place to which I'd like to return for more extended exploration. Even under less than ideal conditions, it's wonderful mountain setting and beautifully colored waters begged for photos and I gladly obliged. A few will be posted here.3 commentsEd HodgsonApr 07, 2017
MaligneBoatHse.jpgThe Historic Boat House at Maligne Lake4 viewsEd HodgsonApr 07, 2017
MaligneMtUnwin.jpgMaligne Lake, Mt. Unwin5 viewsMt. Unwin, from whose heights explorers were able to locate the great lake they had heard about rises impressively above its Southwest shore.Ed HodgsonApr 07, 2017
Tobbaco_Barn_Abstact__4.jpg5 viewsSAMSUNG CSCGene SuponskiApr 05, 2017
Tobbaco_Barn_Abstact__3.jpg4 viewsSAMSUNG CSCGene SuponskiApr 05, 2017
Tobbaco_Barn_Abstact__1.jpg6 viewsSAMSUNG CSCGene SuponskiApr 05, 2017
Enders_Falls_Long_Exposure__1.jpg6 views1 commentsGene SuponskiApr 05, 2017
Enders_Downstream__1.jpg8 viewsGene SuponskiApr 05, 2017
MedicineCropH~0.jpgMedicine Lake (Crop Landscape)8 viewsSince a 4x5 portrait crop didn't change the original image as dramatically as might be wished, I also tried a landscape crop that retained only what seemed to me to be essential in the image. This resulted in an unusual aspect ratio - nearer square than I would normally go. better or worse than the other options?2 commentsEd HodgsonApr 04, 2017
MedicineCropV.jpgMedicine Lake (Crop Portrait)5 viewsIn response to Vern's suggestion, I've cropped the original post to a 4 by 5 ratio to remove some of the rather dull sky. I didn't feel this made as much difference as might be wished so tried an alternative as well (next post) - Thoughts?Ed HodgsonApr 04, 2017
SweetApril.jpgSweet April9 viewsSerendipitous arrival of a number of beautifully decorated little cakes right after sweet was announced as the scavenger hunt word gave me the inspiration and opportunity to try this photo near the Griffin Road bridge over Salmon Brook early in March.Ed HodgsonApr 04, 2017
AspensandPeaksNEJasper.jpgAspens Northeast of Jasper5 viewsDriving to the Miette hot springs, we found the aspens were pretty well turned making a pretty foreground for the mountains despite a heavy overcast.Ed HodgsonApr 01, 2017
MedicineLake.jpgMedicine Lake6 viewsWe found the water low in Medicine Lake as fall was approaching and were fascinated to read about its underground discharges and resulting complex level fluctuations2 commentsEd HodgsonApr 01, 2017
Jasperpost.jpgJasper Post Office, dusk5 viewsAfter our drive north, it was good to enjoy the quiet evening and fading light in Jasper. I enjoyed this scene and thought I'd try to capture and share it.Ed HodgsonMar 27, 2017
WaterfowlLakes.jpgThe Waterfowl Lakes5 viewsOne of the loveliest spots along the Icefields Parkway between Lake Louise and Jasper was the Waterfowl Lakes. I could have spent hours here searching out the best images of the beautifully colored lakes and surrounding peaks, but because we made the drive after climbing to the Plain of 6 Glaciers, had only a few minutes to take this and a few other photos.Ed HodgsonMar 24, 2017
Jasperrainbow.jpgJasper, Evening Rainbow6 viewsWhen we arrived in Jasper, we were greeted by this lovely rainbow touching down between the train depot and the mountains beyond.Ed HodgsonMar 24, 2017
Duck_Pond_and_Goose_.jpgImages from Forest Park ,Springfield4 viewsGene SuponskiMar 23, 2017
Lotus_Flower_Pond__1.jpg5 viewsGene SuponskiMar 23, 2017
Duck_Meetup_1.jpg3 viewsGene SuponskiMar 23, 2017
Canada_Goose_incoming__2.jpg4 viewsGene SuponskiMar 23, 2017
Canada_Goose_incoming__1.jpg6 views1 commentsGene SuponskiMar 23, 2017
Midway2.jpgMidway on the Icefields Parkway5 viewsActually much less than midway along the drive from Lake Louise north to Jasper we enjoyed this view of Midway Mtn, Mt. Howse, and the White Pyramid (not exactly white in this September view)Ed HodgsonMar 18, 2017
MtWeed.jpgMt. Weed3 viewsOn the opposite (East) side of the Parkway, Mt.Weed rose above a lovely mountain stream. Ed HodgsonMar 18, 2017
crossingthedelta.jpgCrossing the Delta3 viewsAt the head of Lake Louise, the glacial stream feeding it has built a broad delta as it dropped the load of glacial silt it carried and spreads over it in a broad flooded area . Fortunately, the trail crossed on a boardwalk sparing us some very wet feet and slow going. Ed HodgsonMar 13, 2017
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