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Iris_Vineyards_Eugene__1.jpg3 viewsGene SuponskiAug 02, 2017
ConwayLake.jpgConway Lake - South End4 viewsA little exploration for good places to canoe on a windy day led us to this spot. I suspect that many of you who have driven through Conway and North Conway may find its tranquility as amazing as I did. This canoe launch is a long winding drive down sparsely settled back roads and worlds apart from the bustling commercialism along Rts. 16 and 302. Looks like a great place to explore further on our next visit.Ed HodgsonAug 01, 2017
HemlockBridgeRd.jpgHemlock Bridge Road3 viewsAfter canoeing Kezar Pond, we pulled out near the old covered bridge, loaded up and enjoyed the view driving out Hemlock Bridge Road as it paralleled Frog Alley. Ed HodgsonAug 01, 2017
KezarPond2017.jpgKezar Pond at High Water4 viewsWhen we first canoed Kezar Pond, the water was low, and extensive shallows limited exploration. This year was at the opposite extreme and we found ourselves canoeing over flooded meadows and above the branches of drowned blueberry bushes. This was one of the surprising scenes that resulted.2 commentsEd HodgsonAug 01, 2017
IMG_3252-1.jpgSensitive Fern on Bracken Ferns3 viewsBlandford Ma - June 2017Vern WellsJul 30, 2017
IMG_3278-1.jpgCinnamin Fern 3 viewsBlandford Ma - June 2017Vern WellsJul 30, 2017
IMG_2745-1.jpgOstrich Fern4 viewsWestfield Ma - May 20172 commentsVern WellsJul 30, 2017
IMG_0971.jpgJapanese Painted Fern4 viewsGranby Ct - May 2009Vern WellsJul 30, 2017
Heceta_Head_Coast__7.jpgOregon along the Pacific Coast Highway 20173 viewsGene SuponskiJul 28, 2017
Heceta_Head_Coast__5.jpg5 viewsGene SuponskiJul 28, 2017
Heceta_Head_Coast__3.jpg4 viewsGene SuponskiJul 28, 2017
Heceta_Head_Coast__1.jpg11 views2 commentsGene SuponskiJul 28, 2017
TalkinPhotos3.jpgStill Talkin' Photos4 viewsWe were more than satiated with good food as the evening wound down, but still finding more photography experiences, photos and gear to discuss.Ed HodgsonJul 25, 2017
LifeoftheParty.jpgThe Life of the Party3 viewsThere were a few in attendance who found other things even more fun than swapping photo lore and things really got going when the furry members of the Johnson household got involved.2 commentsEd HodgsonJul 25, 2017
TalkinPhotos2.jpgTalkin' Photos Again3 viewsWe had a little lull between the main course and dessert, but filled it very well with more photography talk.Ed HodgsonJul 25, 2017
Macro_3b.jpgSpider Web Macro4 viewsThis is another shot taken of water droplets in a spider web but this time without the spider. You should view both these macros large. This image was about 3" square.Jay HarderJul 25, 2017
Macro_2b.jpgThe Keeper of the Jewels9 viewsI noticed some spider webs in the shrubs along my side walk covered with droplets of water and decided to try shooting a few macro shots. This image is about 13 stacked images. I was surprised the spider didn't move through the whole shoot. The image is about 2"X2".
4 commentsJay HarderJul 25, 2017
TheChef.jpgThe Chef at Work4 viewsRob did a great job with the hamburgers and hot dogs. We caught him in action just before he finished up.Ed HodgsonJul 21, 2017
TalkinPhotos1.jpgTalking Photos Right From the Start3 viewsEven before we got into the food, Jay, Buzz, and Vern were deep into sharing and discussing photos.Ed HodgsonJul 21, 2017
SCCSpy.jpgSCC Spy at the Picnic?3 viewsAs we settled in for the picnic, a few of us early arrivals noted two of these small interlopers hanging around the picnic table. We inferred they were likely SCC spy drones sent to ferret out the secret of our success in recent Simsbury Bank calendars. Fiendishly clever to disguise them as Gypsy Moths!Ed HodgsonJul 21, 2017
PurpleFinch.jpgPurple Finch on Baldface5 viewsOur labored climb up the ledges on Baldface Knob was serenaded by small birds like this purple finch in a small fir near the trailEd HodgsonJul 20, 2017
LowerFalls.jpgLower Falls Detail4 viewsLower Falls along the Kancamangus Highway is a complex and very interesting cascade over jointed rock shelves that have water flowing in every direction in rapids, broad falls, turbulent little channels, and sneaky little side waterfalls from one channel to another like these. I found this detail on one section of the grand scheme interesting. Ed HodgsonJul 20, 2017
IMG_3559-1.jpgMarshmallows3 viewsOn July 5th a plane was flying over a farm in Worthington Ma when inexplicitly the cargo door opened, dumping its entire load of marshmallows.1 commentsVern WellsJul 20, 2017
BaldfaceLedges.jpgThe South Baldface Ledges4 viewsHere's a view looking across the ledges to the north toward Mt. Meader that gives a sense of the general slope we were ascending.3 commentsEd HodgsonJul 17, 2017
BaldfaceKnobTrlPanorama.jpgBaldface Knob Panorama5 viewsHere's half of the view that rewarded us for our toil after climbing the ledges on the Baldface Circle Trail. As a first experience using the photomerge capabilities in Photoshop elements, I was pretty pleased with the ease of use and the result considering the handheld, aperture priority shots that went into it.Ed HodgsonJul 17, 2017
IMG_3308-1.jpgBeaver Lodge & Green Green Sedge5 viewsAt Ed Judge's Swamp, Granby Ct - June 20172 commentsVern WellsJul 07, 2017
IMG_3366-1.jpgGrass & Sedge2 viewsAt Ed Judge's Swamp, Granby Ct - Jun 2017Vern WellsJul 07, 2017
IMG_3331-1.jpgA Sedge at Water's Edge2 viewsAt a beaver pond in Westfield Ma - Jun 2017Vern WellsJul 07, 2017
Milky_Way_2a_Lo_Res.jpg4 viewsThese are two shots I took at West Lake in Sandisfield, MA a few nights ago. It was a little cloudy when I got to the lake and figured I'd get a few sunsets and decided to hang around. The sky cleared and it was a perfect night for astrophotography, cool so the mosquito didn't bother us and dry so very little dew on the lens.1 commentsJay HarderJun 28, 2017
Milky_Way_1a_Lo_Res.jpg5 views2 commentsJay HarderJun 28, 2017
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