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BaldfaceLedges.jpgThe South Baldface Ledges4 viewsHere's a view looking across the ledges to the north toward Mt. Meader that gives a sense of the general slope we were ascending.3 commentsEd HodgsonJul 17, 2017
BaldfaceKnobTrlPanorama.jpgBaldface Knob Panorama5 viewsHere's half of the view that rewarded us for our toil after climbing the ledges on the Baldface Circle Trail. As a first experience using the photomerge capabilities in Photoshop elements, I was pretty pleased with the ease of use and the result considering the handheld, aperture priority shots that went into it.Ed HodgsonJul 17, 2017
IMG_3308-1.jpgBeaver Lodge & Green Green Sedge5 viewsAt Ed Judge's Swamp, Granby Ct - June 20172 commentsVern WellsJul 07, 2017
IMG_3366-1.jpgGrass & Sedge2 viewsAt Ed Judge's Swamp, Granby Ct - Jun 2017Vern WellsJul 07, 2017
IMG_3331-1.jpgA Sedge at Water's Edge2 viewsAt a beaver pond in Westfield Ma - Jun 2017Vern WellsJul 07, 2017
Milky_Way_2a_Lo_Res.jpg4 viewsThese are two shots I took at West Lake in Sandisfield, MA a few nights ago. It was a little cloudy when I got to the lake and figured I'd get a few sunsets and decided to hang around. The sky cleared and it was a perfect night for astrophotography, cool so the mosquito didn't bother us and dry so very little dew on the lens.1 commentsJay HarderJun 28, 2017
Milky_Way_1a_Lo_Res.jpg5 views2 commentsJay HarderJun 28, 2017
Truck_3_Cropped_Lo_Res.jpg1 viewsThis is a 1939 Ford pick up truck I photographed in a guys back yard in Southwick. This yard is a real treasure trove of model T and A fords. Dozens......Jay HarderJun 28, 2017
IMG_3271-1.jpgCanadian Hemlock3 viewsLove the new and old growth contrast on our native hemlocks this time of year. Blandford Ma - Jun 2017Vern WellsJun 22, 2017
IMG_3262-1.jpgCanadian Hemlock5 viewsBlandford Ma - Jun 20172 commentsVern WellsJun 22, 2017
IMG_3267-1.jpgCanadian Hemlock3 viewsBlandford Ma - Jun 2017Vern WellsJun 22, 2017
MtWilburDawn.JPGMount Wilbur - Dawn Light9 viewsOne more attempt at capturing the sunrise spectacular I enjoyed for two mornings at Many Glacier.3 commentsEd HodgsonJun 20, 2017
Goingtothe_SunMt.jpgGoing to the Sun Mountain6 viewsThe soaring face of Going to the Sun Mountain made a real impression on me during our ride up St. Mary Lake for our hike to Virginia Falls.Ed HodgsonJun 20, 2017
IMG_2900-1.jpgBlack Cherry4 viewsCummington Ma - May 20172 commentsVern WellsJun 13, 2017
IMG_3053-1.jpgRhododendron 'Nova Zembla'3 viewsWestfield Ma - May 2017Vern WellsJun 13, 2017
IMG_3205-1.jpgMountain Laurel 'Olympic Fire' (I Think)6 viewsWestfield Ma - June 20172 commentsVern WellsJun 13, 2017
RedRockCanyon.jpgRed Rock Canyon6 viewsThe rock walls of Red Rock Canyon are indeed very red and quite striking above the stream as it cascaded down. I felt this gnarled old tree added some framing and variety, but would welcome your thoughts on this choice.2 commentsEd HodgsonJun 11, 2017
RRCRoad.jpgThe road to red Rock Canyon4 viewsWe very much enjoyed the road out to Red Rock Canyon, but feel a word of warning to others planning a visit to the Canadian Rockies is in order. When we visited in early September, this was the only road at Waterton lakes open to us as the others were all shut down for maintenance since the season of heavy use ended on Labor Day. We had anticipated exploring the park a lot more. Ed HodgsonJun 11, 2017
White_Peacock_4.jpgPeacocks at Wickham Park Manchester 3 viewsGene SuponskiJun 09, 2017
White_Peacock_1.jpg2 viewsGene SuponskiJun 09, 2017
Blue_Peacock_3.jpg2 viewsGene SuponskiJun 09, 2017
Blue_Peacock__6.jpg4 viewsGene SuponskiJun 09, 2017
IMG_2737-1.jpgVern Wells - June - Tie Wildflower5 viewsJapanese Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Westfield Ma - May 2017Vern WellsJun 06, 2017
IMG_2922-1.jpgPine4 viewsThe new growth of conifers is quite interesting, especially when it contrasts with the darker green of the old needles. Granby Ct - May 2017Vern WellsMay 31, 2017
IMG_3038-1.jpgPine6 viewsGranby Ct - May 20172 commentsVern WellsMay 31, 2017
IMG_3023-1.jpgCanadian Hemlock3 viewsGranby Ct - May 2017Vern WellsMay 31, 2017
IMG_2940-1.jpgSpruce, prostrate form1 viewsGranby Ct - May 2017Vern WellsMay 31, 2017
InsidePOW.jpgThe Prince of Wales' Lobby3 viewsThe lobby in the Prince of Wales is a beautiful space set in wonderful old dark wood and rising the full height of the old hotel. The crowning touch is the enormous bank of windows overlooking the lake and the mountains beyond. I tried to capture the unique blend of history, elegance and natural splendor here.Ed HodgsonMay 24, 2017
WatertonLake.jpgWaterton Lakes3 viewsThe Prince of Wales overlooks the sweep of the lake and the town of Wateron Lakes on its shore below the hotel's commanding position.Ed HodgsonMay 24, 2017
MtRichards.jpgMt. Richardson3 viewsThe mountains rise dramatically from the lake shore as it sweeps away from the hotel.One of them particularly caught my eye because of the intricately carved ridge I captured in this telephoto image.Ed HodgsonMay 24, 2017
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