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SycamoreandOak.jpgSycamore and Oaks2 viewsThis perspective on a tall young sycamore and nearby oaks is right down the street from our house and caught my attention on a brilliant blue day in mid November. The brilliant white bark of the sycamore gleaming unobscured in the sunlight stood out boldly against the deep blue sky and made a strong contrast to the more sober surrounding oak trees stubbornly clinging to their leaves. I thought the silhouetted leaves framing the top of the sycamore summed up the contrast nicely.Ed HodgsonJan 01, 2018
perkypossum.jpgA Perky Possum4 viewsI had a rare encounter (for me at least) back in mid November when I spotted this little fellow foraging along the margins of Quarry Road in late morning. This is one of the photos I got as he continued grazing after I stopped the car and got out.2 commentsEd HodgsonJan 01, 2018
MerryChristmas17.jpgAnd a Happy New Year Too4 viewsWishing you all the very best for Christmas and for the whole year ahead1 commentsEd HodgsonDec 16, 2017
Barn_4.jpg13 viewsThis was taken one early morning at the Pelka farm and was submitted to the Granby Land Trust4 commentsJay HarderDec 08, 2017
Barn_3.jpg7 viewsThis is the winner for the Oct. word "Barn". This was taken at an abandon apply orchard in Granville, MA.Jay HarderDec 08, 2017
Tractor_Lo_Res.jpg5 viewsThis is the winner for Sept for the word "weird"Jay HarderDec 08, 2017
Polygon_1.jpg5 viewsThis was the winner of the word polygon. The bridge is at the North end of the Colebrook Res.Jay HarderDec 08, 2017
IMG_5238-1.jpgLooking up at my Japanese maple5 viewsWestfield Ma - Nov 2017Vern WellsDec 07, 2017
IMG_5261-1.jpgAt the base of my Japanese maple7 viewsWestfield Ma - Nov 2017 2 commentsVern WellsDec 07, 2017
IMG_5190-1.jpgEuonymus (Burning Bush)6 viewsAlong the Farmington River near the Pinchot Sycamore, Simsbury Ct - Nov 2017Vern WellsDec 07, 2017
IMG_4855-1.jpgPokeweed3 viewsAmelia Park, Westfield Ma - Oct 2017Vern WellsDec 07, 2017
IMG_5168-1.jpgWinterberry, a native deciduous holly3 viewsTolland Ma - Nov 2017Vern WellsDec 07, 2017
Monster.jpgThe East Branch Monster Revealed4 viewsI spotted this along Salmon Brook's East Branch near Christensen's Pond. We had some fun picking out the creatures we could see in the gnarly old roots so I figured I'd share the fun.2 commentsEd HodgsonDec 04, 2017
TurkeyBreakDance.jpgNice Move Kid - What else you got?3 viewsI saw this watching a flock of wild turkeys a few days ago. It reminded me of a couple of young bucks comparing break dance moves.Ed HodgsonNov 26, 2017
ThanksgivingTom.jpgHappy Thanksgiving5 viewsSaw this handsome Tom in Simsbury this summer2 commentsEd HodgsonNov 23, 2017
intricate.jpgIntricate6 viewsThe complex pattern of lakeshore and islands in one of the TVA reservoirs in this shot grabbed my attentionEd HodgsonNov 14, 2017
hieroglyphics.jpgHeiroglyphics4 viewsThe patterns of development here reminded me of writing I have seen in photos from some exotic archeological sites.2 commentsEd HodgsonNov 14, 2017
IMG_5036-1.jpgStaghorn Sumac9 viewsIn fall many different' amazing colors can appear on a single leaf. Westfield Ma - Oct 2017Vern WellsNov 12, 2017
IMG_5062-1.jpgStaghorn Sumac - Nov 2017 'Ablaze' Winner 9 viewsWestfield Ma - Oct 2017Vern WellsNov 12, 2017
IMG_5086-1.jpgSassafras Unveiled7 viewsLeaves of sassafras can turn yellow, apricot, red, or purple; Westfield Ma - Oct 2017Vern WellsNov 12, 2017
IMG_4748-1.jpgSassafras tree in a drizzle9 viewsThe apricot color; Granby Ct - Oct 2017 2 commentsVern WellsNov 12, 2017
IMG_4769-1.jpgSassafras Leaves3 viewsThe 3 different leaves of a sassafras tree - 1-lobed, 3-lobed, and 2-lobed; Westfield Ma - Oct 2017Vern WellsNov 12, 2017
Pileated3.jpgWoodpecker Story Part 37 viewsI returned to the big sycamore about a week later full of anticipation , but found a very strange looking object hanging out of the cavity. As I watched puzzled, I could see it was moving and eventually recognized the coils of a large black snake that had apparently climbed the tree trunk and was raiding the nest. I'm sad to say this story does not end well. I've seen no sign of the pileated 's return to the tree since.2 commentsEd HodgsonNov 10, 2017
Pileated2.jpgWoodpecker Story Part 24 viewsPileated Woodpecker, Salmon Brook Park, Granby, CT - June, 2017 - As I happily watched and took photos, the woodpecker entered a cavity high on the tree's trunk. Soon her (?) head popped out and she (?) looked around. It seemed clear this was a nest and I planned return visits for more fun and photos.
Ed HodgsonNov 10, 2017
Pileated1.jpgWoodpecker Story Part 17 viewsPileated Woodpecker, Salmon Brook Park, Granby, CT - June, 2017 - Back on a late June evening, I spotted this handsome pileated woodpecker on the trunk of a large sycamore in Salmon Brook Park and began shooting pictures.2 commentsEd HodgsonNov 10, 2017
DSC_0342.jpgHummingbird9 viewsHummingbird with color removed except for the orange flower!3 commentsPaula JohnsonOct 11, 2017
IMG_4457-1.jpgCloud15 viewsQuickly Building, Fast Moving, Amazing Cloud Formations - Blandford Ma - Sep 20175 commentsVern WellsOct 09, 2017
IMG_4465-1.jpgcloud4 viewsBlandford Ma - Sep 2017Vern WellsOct 09, 2017
IMG_4491-1.jpgCloud3 viewsBlandford Ma - Sep 2017Vern WellsOct 09, 2017
IMG_4492-1.jpgCloud2 viewsBlandford Ma - Sep 2017Vern WellsOct 09, 2017
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