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Election_Day_NYC_2016__8.jpgPhotographing Election Day Manhatten Style8 viewsTrump Tower Fifth Ave.Gene SuponskiNov 11, 2016
_D7K0802.jpg2 Hummingbirds12 viewsfemale and young female1 commentsPaula JohnsonNov 09, 2016
Covering_-_Chesterfield_Gorge.jpgCovering - Chesterfield Gorge12 viewsWe passed by here returning home from Pac Monadnock late in the afternoon and found it pretty as a picture. Ed HodgsonNov 08, 2016
IMG_7846edit1.jpgColorful Wood Duck15 viewsA small group of these have been hanging around the remnants of the little beaver pond on Salmon Brook near my home. Although they are pretty skittish, I was fortunate enough to get this photo of one of them.Ed HodgsonNov 08, 2016
Evening.jpgEvening at Rising Sun5 viewsAt the end of the day, the mountains south of St. Mary Lake stretch off into misty blue twilight.Ed HodgsonNov 06, 2016
MtnStorms.jpgMountain Storms5 viewsOn a stormy September morning, the mountains west of the St. Mary Lake park entrance loom dramatically above the plain.Ed HodgsonNov 06, 2016
VirginiaFalls2.jpgVirginia Falls Overview4 viewsFrom some distance below the falls we got a view of the main drop looking up the stream below.Ed HodgsonNov 01, 2016
StMaryRiver.jpgThe St. Mary River5 viewsOn the hike down from Virginia Falls and St. Mary Falls, the bright red shirt of this relaxing hiker against the intense blue waters of the St. Mary River caught my eye and set the scene for this photo.Ed HodgsonNov 01, 2016
IMG_1874.jpgWildcat Road5 viewsGranville Ma - Oct 2016Vern WellsOct 27, 2016
IMG_1863-1.jpgRed Maples11 viewsGranville Cemetery, Granville Ma - 20164 commentsVern WellsOct 27, 2016
IMG_1731~0.jpgRed Maple4 viewsBlandford Ma - Oct 2016 Vern WellsOct 27, 2016
IMG_1822.jpgHoney Locust4 viewsCenter of Feeding Hills Ma - Oct 2016Vern WellsOct 27, 2016
VirginiaFalls.jpgVirginia Falls11 viewsThis was one of the loveliest of many waterfalls we saw in Glacier NP to my eye. I had unobscured images of the main drop of the falls, but preferred this image with some of the lower cascades in the foreground. I'd welcome thoughts on my selection.2 commentsEd HodgsonOct 27, 2016
Overbrink.jpgOver the brink5 viewsOn the hike up to Virgina Falls, we passed a number of lesser waterfalls and cascades including this one where I had a good look at water flowing over the brilliant red rock at the lip of the falls. Although not nearly as high as Virginia Falls, I found this one quite high enough to be impressive and a little scary looking over its lip. Ed HodgsonOct 27, 2016
Sunflower_1.jpg13 views1 commentsJay HarderOct 22, 2016
MooseStMary.jpgMoose - St. Mary Lake8 viewsWe saw this moose browsing in the shallows near the inlet (western) end of St. Mary Lake. It was a distant shot and had to be taken hand-held, but I think the long zoom and image stabilization on my camera served me pretty well here.Ed HodgsonOct 22, 2016
EarlyMornRisingSun.jpgEarly Morning - St. Mary Lake6 viewsI went down to the lake shore near the Rising Sun boat dock a little after sunrise and found the early morning light very nice so tried to capture it here.Ed HodgsonOct 22, 2016
wildgoose.jpgWild Goose Island - St. Mary Lake6 viewsOn a boat going up St. Mary Lake from the Rising Sun boat dock, we got this view past Wild Goose Island to the western end of the lake.Ed HodgsonOct 22, 2016
Taughannock_Falls_Canyon_Riverbed__2.jpg10 views1 commentsGene SuponskiOct 20, 2016
Taughannack_Falls__4.jpgIthaca NY..Finger Lakes Region10 viewsGene SuponskiOct 20, 2016
GoatsHidden.jpgAbove Hidden Lake8 viewsAt the Hidden Lake Overlook, a family of Mountain Goats was resting on the rocky ledges apparently unperturbed by all the nearby human traffic. When I was able to avoid other hikers in view, I thought it made a pretty nice scene.Ed HodgsonOct 17, 2016
RavensLoganPass.jpgAlpine Ravens8 viewsOn the hike back down to Logan Pass from Hidden Lake Overlook, I spotted this pair of ravens soaring around the peaks and alpine meadows. When they landed for a rest on this red boulder, I thought it would make a nice image set against the mountainside across the pass.Ed HodgsonOct 17, 2016
IMG_1669.jpgTagged Half Tame White-tailed Deer Fawn12 viewsMy theory: Orphaned and cared for by Ct Fish and Game, tagged, and then released. Near Ed Judge's Swamp, Granby? Ct - Oct 20162 commentsVern WellsOct 17, 2016
IMG_1663.jpgFawn9 viewsGranby? Ct - Oct 2016Vern WellsOct 17, 2016
sunrise4edit.jpgGould Peak Many Glacier Sunrise #4 edited11 viewsBased on the results Jay produced with a couple of files I posted earlier, I figured I'd try some more aggressive editing on a similar file to see what i could do with the tools I've got. This is the "after " image from a shot on the morning after the previous sunrise posts. Comments / suggestions are invited. 2 commentsEd HodgsonOct 16, 2016
sunrise4.jpgGould Peak Many Glacier Sunrise #4 original6 viewsIncluded here as a basis for comparison on the edited version of this photoEd HodgsonOct 16, 2016
Baldwin_Steam__2.jpgScranton Railway Museum11 viewsGene SuponskiOct 11, 2016
Sunset_2_Web.jpg12 views This is the after image where is worked on the image in camera raw. Mostly increasing contrast and clarity as well as the graduated neutral density filter on the sky. 4 commentsJay HarderOct 10, 2016
Sunset_2__Before_Web.jpg6 viewsThis is the before image which is a jpg. I felt the image was a little flat.Jay HarderOct 10, 2016
SUnset_1_Web.jpg9 viewsThis is the after image with a lot of work done in camera raw and photoshop as well as nik vivasa. Did I go too far on this one? All these images were jpegs so they could have been better if I had started with a "raw" image, more data. I 1 commentsJay HarderOct 10, 2016
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